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Raw Ham Recipes

Raw Ham Recipes

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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

The 10 best recipes with raw ham

A special cut is obtained from one of the noblest parts of the pig, the pride of Italian tradition and the protagonist of delicious dishes such as those of our 10 best recipes with raw ham.

Raw ham is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen: excellent for filling a tasty focaccia or a succulent pizza, but also for making delicious appetizers, first and second courses rich in flavor.

Combined with vegetables or cheese, you can use it to prepare creative rolls or as a filling for tasty savory pies, excellent for a snack or a quick lunch without neglecting the taste.

Home recipes :)

Guys for how long !! : D Today I will try to surprise you with my new recipe based on raw ham:
Raw Ham with Bacon! : D With my usual touch of an artist, I managed to transform the banal raw ham into delicious bacon .. Here are the ingredients! :)

1. Raw ham from the mountains of paschi di Siena
2. Salt
3. Extra virgin olive oil.
4. Lemon.

To begin, turn on the stove and turn the heat up to maximum, so as to cook the ham in a better way. Then, add the oil, salt and a little lemon to the pan and cook everything for about 3 minutes, being constantly careful not to burn anything. The ham will be completely ready when you see it blood red and a little wrinkled (for the lemon :)). When you understand that you have finished, gently place the ham on a plate with the entire dressing, adding tomato, lettuce and orange, because thanks to these three ingredients both the beauty of the dish and the flavor will increase (if you really want the TOP then add also pepper and sauces to taste: D).
That's all for today dear readers, see you next time! : D

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Recipes with raw ham

Raw ham is a preserved meat. It is a non-stuffed salami covered with rind.

It is obtained from the hind limb of the pig, but it must not be confused with speck and culatello.

In the kitchen it is used as a dish in the warm months or as an ingredient for sandwiches, pizzas, appetizers and first courses.

The raw ham is a typical Italian sliced, but the industrial production is located above all in central-northern Italy, the commercial network effectively reaches the whole peninsula and abroad.

There are many types that differ in the area of ​​production, processing, breed of pig, seasoning time, the presence or absence of bone, etc.

Some raw hams are considered of great value and enjoy awards such as IGT and DOP. Among the best known are Parma, San Daniele, Cinta Senese, Nero dei Nebrodi etc.

In the past, the production cycle of ham started between December and January (slaughter of the pig). Thanks to the control of the working atmosphere and maturation (from 2 to 11 months) today it is available all year round.

Before consumption, the raw ham must possibly be boned, skinned or deprived of the most superficial layer (especially where there is lard).

It has a very characteristic taste and smell that vary according to the product (spices, seasoning and breed of pig). It is essential that the meat does not transmit negative scents near the bone or in the fat. The consistency of the whole piece is very compact but when sliced ​​it must be well chewable. The dominant taste is the salty one.

Raw ham has a variable calorie intake based on the percentage of fat. It mainly supplies proteins, B vitamins and some mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus and iron). Contains a lot of sodium.

On the market it is available whole, boned, in blocks, vacuum-packed, sliced ​​in a freshness-saving tray and in bulk to be portioned. Conservation must be careful, because once sliced ​​it lasts a few days. Both whole and sliced ​​require reduced temperature, little light and limited exposure to air. Whole or in blocks must be wrapped in a cloth and not in the film.

The raw ham should not be treated with heat, however, some recipes require browning in a pan (ham into cubes) or the passage in the oven.

Sliced, as well as as a main course, it can represent the main filling of: sandwiches, bruschetta, pizzas, calzones, focaccias, etc. In cubes it is used to season: hot and cold first courses (normal pasta, stuffed, etc.), savory pies, puff pastry, vol au vent etc.

It does not require any seasoning but in some recipes it is associated with: extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, garlic, bay leaf, honey, citrus fruits and other fruits, sage, chives, rosemary and traditional balsamic vinegar .

Raw ham lends itself to accompanying: cereals and flour mixes, potatoes, legumes, white and red meats and game, eggs, cheeses, raw and cooked vegetables.

Between popular recipes with raw ham in Italy we remember: sandwich with raw ham, risotto with ham and melon, tortellini, canapes, saltimbocca alla romana, gastronomic panettone, salad with ham, melon and shrimp, savory pie with raw ham, ravioli with raw ham, pizza with raw ham, panzerotti with tomato, mozzarella and raw ham etc.

Raw Ham Recipes - Recipes

What a sandwich!

Sandwiches with raw ham, all possible recipes

Sandwiches with raw ham or sandwiches with cooked ham? Often the preference between the two cured meats represents a real philosophy of life. Not to mention that the choice could be complicated by adding the option of sandwiches with mortadella!

The combinations of stuffed sandwiches they should all be tried in order to be able to establish with certainty what the perfect recipe for perfect sandwich.

Those who prefer raw ham generally appreciate very much refined combinations. Have you ever tried a crouton with figs in honey and raw ham? The raw - whether from S. Daniele or Parma - goes well with honey or jam, but the raw ham and dried and fresh fruit I'm the icing on the cake. To please all lovers of raw ham always looking for new ones pairings with vegetables, sauces and cheeses, here is the definitive collection, or almost, of recipes for sandwiches stuffed with raw ham.

Sandwich with raw ham and dried tomato sauce
A ham sandwich for true connoisseurs with a cream of dried tomatoes and onion. The dried tomato cream, which is prepared by blending together ricotta, olives and lemon zest, will give this stuffed sandwich an inimitable taste. Enrich the sandwich with a few slices of onion, after having left it to soak in water and wine vinegar, and you will discover a world of flavor! The recipe is very easy.

Sandwich with raw ham, mozzarella, green sauce and tomatoes
A sandwich with raw ham perfect for the summer and excellent to take to the office is prepared with mozzarella and green sauce. This sandwich will become special if you use something different than usual as bread, for example pumpkin bread or olive bread or even better the walnut bread. There green sauce it is very easy to prepare at home and if properly stored in the refrigerator, it will allow you to prepare delicious recipes. Follow the preparation of the sandwich with raw ham not to miss a single step.

Sandwich with raw ham and grilled peaches
The filled summer sandwiches are often the solution to a quick lunch or dinner, try to combine the slices of raw ham with grilled peaches on the plate. For bread choose a white and soft focaccia to be seasoned with a little salad and some mozzarella. Find out all recipe.

Sandwich with raw ham, figs and mozzarella stracciatella
Summer at its best, the ham and fig sandwich is a real treat. Add the mozzarella stracciatella and you will go into raptures! If you want to create a masterpiece, choose carefully the bread which should be the Sicilian one with sesame seeds. The straccaiatella will moisten the bread, the ripe and sugary figs will enhance the taste of the raw ham and it will not be necessary to add sauces or anything else. For a touch of green, choose rocket, slightly bitter and therefore in balance with the other flavors of the sandwich. The whole recipe here.

Sandwich with raw ham and goat cheese cream
Tired of the usual sandwich? Try the sandwich with raw ham and goat cheese cream. For this recipe, prefer white bread without crust, cut it and fill it with the cream that you will obtain by shredding the raw ham, goat cheese and parsley together. Drizzle with a drizzle of oil and stir again before spreading the cream on the bread well up to the edges. Wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. This way the bread will absorb the cream well. The recipe with the doses among our recipes of delicious sandwiches.

Sandwich with raw ham, artichokes and tuna sauce
In addition to sandwiches, you can prepare sandwiches with raw ham. Spread on the two triangles of bread from the homemade tuna sauce then two slices of raw ham over which you can distribute one two drained artichokes in oil, then a few well washed rocket leaves and finally close with the other triangle of bread spread with the sauce. This sandwich should be eaten cold after being left to rest for at least half an hour so that the sauce moistens the bread and gives it flavor. All the steps between the recipes of stuffed sandwiches.

Canapes with raw ham, aubergines and parmesan flakes
Not just stuffed sandwiches, raw ham can also be used in canapes. Try it in shortcrust pastry boats together with parmesan and aubergines or alternatively you can also use figs. After cooking the boats in the oven, fill them with a sort of salad obtained by mixing with the raw ham cut into strips - or with the raw ham in petals - with parmesan flakes and grilled aubergine cut into cubes. Season this salad with a drizzle of oil and salt and distribute it in the boats. All the recipe among ours tips for canapes.

Canapes with raw ham, honey and dried tomatoes
Another idea with raw ham to try immediately, especially to manage a hunger attack. Toast the bread and season it with raw ham, dried tomatoes and a drizzle of chestnut honey. The recipe is very easy and will give you great satisfaction for all festive occasions.

Finger food with raw ham mousse
Looking for finger food with raw ham you can try to prepare a ham mousse with which to fill puff pastry cupcakes or salty cupcakes. The mousse is prepared with butter, cream, walnuts and balsamic vinegar following the party finger food recipe.

Club sandwich with raw ham, omelette, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise
Rich sandwich, I stick in it! A club sandwich with raw ham to be stuffed with a thin omelette, tomato, lettuce and lots of mayonnaise. The club sandwich on two or more layers so stuffed it will satisfy you in taste and energy. Spread the mayonnaise on the first slice of bread, place the omelette made with an egg on top, then the lettuce and two slices of raw ham. Place the second slice of bread on top of which to spread the mayonnaise again, then lettuce, ham and a slice of ripe tomato and close the sandwich which will be ready to be wrapped or eaten immediately.

Club sandwich with raw ham, grilled courgettes and hard-boiled eggs
Another recipe from club sandwich with raw ham to combine with hard-boiled eggs e grilled zucchini. Choose crustless sandwich bread which is softer and absorbs toppings better. Spread the mayonnaise on a slice of bread and place two slices of hard-boiled egg on top, place the grilled and unseasoned zucchini on top and then two slices of raw ham place a second slice of bread spread on one side of mayonnaise on the other. green sauce to continue the filling alternate the raw ham and courgettes. Close with the last slice of bread spread with mayonnaise.



20 minutes you


Suitable for:

Raw Ham Sushi

At the stove: Renza Nardi

A nice idea for an alternative appetizer? Let's revisit the typical Japanese dish together, creating a sushi with a taste of everything Italian!!

It seemed nice and funny to me to play a little with the ingredients and the flavors to get something nice even to behold!

We wear the grenbiule & # 8230 off you go!


  • 120 NS. Raw Ham
  • 70 NS. from Rice
  • 1Zuchini
  • 1 carrot

How it is prepared

Step 1

Boil the rice in a little lightly salted water, drain and let it cool.

Step 2

Cut the zuchini and the carrot into long sticks, boil them in boiling salted water, drain them when they are still crunchy and pass them under a jet of cold water to keep the color.

Step 3

Spread the slices of ham a little above on a sheet of cling film, spread over the rice and arrange the courgette and carrot sticks in the center, cover with more rice and roll the ham tightly with the help of the film, tighten it Well to candy.

Step 4

Put it in the fridge to compact for about half an hour or even more, then cut it to chunks like traditional Sushi and serve it.


Instead of zucchini and carrot, stuff with a stick of Emmental it's a cucumber.


Also good with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar on top because the flavor of raw ham goes well with the sweetish taste of & # 8217balsamic vinegar.

Raw Ham Recipes - Recipes

The raw ham meatballs they are the right idea as a last-minute dinner saver, especially if the refrigerator is half empty and you have little time and no imagination. The eggs will be enough, a little stale bread, raw ham and some cheese.

Very few things are enough to create raw ham meatballs Delicious to serve as skewers for a quick dinner with the family or alone in front of the TV. Serve them as skewers for a recipe that saves the day in case of unexpected guests. They prepare so quickly that you can use them to counteract the pangs of hunger, waiting for the pasta to be cooked.

Serve them for the party, piercing the meatballs become gods finger food excellent for dipping in simple sauces based on tomato sauce, garlic and chilli. The raw ham meatballs are good even if dipped in guacamole or in the mayonnaise or in the tartar sauce. The recipe can be customized by creating larger meatballs, replacing the cooked ham with mortadella, or using cooked ham with a few cubes of smoked bacon.

Let your imagination work and you can't go wrong, the important thing in this recipe is texture of meatballs which must be very firm so that they do not fall apart during cooking. To dry the dough you can also add some breadcrumbs or a little bit of flour.

Quick recipes for hunger pangs ----- & gtSee here

Wet the bread with water and let it rest until it is workable. Squeeze it well so that it does not make the dough too moist. Add the eggs, the parmesan and the cheese made into cubes or grated by hand. You work everything by hand or in a mixer. Add the raw ham and blend again. Adjust to salt and pepper. If the dough is too soft, add more wet and squeezed bread, or some bread crumbs. If you haven't entered any flour little by little until the dough has the right consistency. Divide the dough into small meatballs: it won't take long for them to be cooked, but the smaller you make them the easier they will remain compact during cooking. You can cook them in oven heated to 180 ° for 15-20 minutes or in a pan with a little oil, making them sauté often.

Skewer the raw ham meatballs with toothpicks or sticks and serve hot.

What to drink with raw ham meatballs
Depending on how you want to serve the raw ham meatballs, you can choose the right wine. In an aperitif or during brunch with other courses of meats and cheeses you can choose a white wine like lo Chardonnay Yellow Tail Australian citrus and exotic fruit flavor that doesn't even look like a Chardonnay. The taste is soft and goes well with fish and sweets. Other dishes with a delicate taste, like these cooked ham meatballs, they will match perfectly. You can also serve a young red wine that does not cover the delicate taste of meatballs.

How to make raw ham rolls

First of all, mix the ricotta with the pecorino with a fork to create a lump-free mousse then add salt and pepper if you like. Finally, peel the pears and cut them into small pieces.

Place a generous spoonful of ricotta cream in each slice of raw ham, then add 1 piece of pear or more than one in the center. Finally close a package, forming a roll:

Then add a toothpick on each roll, in order to pinch the whole packet of raw ham.

Finally, decorate the surface of each roll with a hint of balsamic vinegar glaze and myrtle leaves!

Here are the ready Raw ham rolls

Fresh and tasty, they can be prepared well in advance and kept in the fridge for a few hours before serving!

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