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Chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake

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The chocolate milkshake it is the typical milkshake of the sweet tooth! 10 minutes, some chocolate, cocoa, sugar, milk and some ice cubes, this is how this delicious drink is prepared. If you also do not want to give up chocolate but are looking for a fresh way to consume it, here is the recipe to prepare the chocolate milkshake. I must admit that I am very satisfied with this preparation because I got a thick and chocolaty smoothie as I like it and I don't tell you Elisa, she is literally crazy, now she asks me every morning for breakfast: P Well girls with this fresh recipe I leave you and I wish you a good Sunday;)


How to make chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake (recipe with ice cream)

The chocolate milkshake it is a fresh and delicious idea for one summer snack or a different after dinner than usual. The chocolate milkshake is prepared in a few minutes with the help of a blender and, in my opinion, the best is based on ice cream: in this way the milkshake is creamy and thirst-quenching and, if you use quality ice cream, also very tasty. This recipe it can be declined in many versions, just replace the ice cream with chocolate with the same amount of your favorite ice cream. If you want a thicker chocolate milkshake, increase the dose of ice cream in proportion to the milk, vice versa if you want it more liquid increase the dose of milk using artisan ice cream I am happy with the doses that I indicate below, that is half ice cream and half milk. If you use a packaged ice cream, which generally contains more air, I suggest you increase the dose of ice cream by 15-20 g, to obtain a thicker and tastier chocolate milkshake. If you are celiac, the chocolate milkshake must be prepared with a contamination-free ice cream (for packaged ones, check the brands allowed on the AIC handbook, or make sure that there is the claim & # 8220 gluten-free & # 8221). The same goes for bitter cocoa. If you want you can garnish the chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, or with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa like I did.

Chocolate liquor

The Chocolate liquor it is a delicious digestive for lovers of the food of the gods, but also a super alcoholic, with a not too heavy alcohol content, which will surely be appreciated as gourmet gift at Christmas and beyond.

Unlike many others homemade liqueurs, does not require long maceration times and can be enjoyed after just a couple of days both natural, as it is, for a delicious toast, and as the final ingredient of many recipes. Use it to give a delicate aphrodisiac note to ice cream, milkshake, panna cotta or fruit salad.

A similar product, just as easy to make, is the famous Nutellino or Nutella ® liqueur, click here to prepare it with Donna Moderna's instructions. You will love both of them!


1) Finely chop 100 g of dark chocolate, combine it in a saucepan with 1 deciliter of water leaning against a saucepan full of water then melt it in a double boiler. Alternatively, you can also use the microwave.

2) Combine 400 g of sugar, stir with a spoon and move the saucepan directly over very low heat, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Add another 2 deciliters of water lukewarm and cook the syrup for another 3-4 minutes.

3) Engrave 1 vanilla bean lengthwise, take the seeds with the tip of a small knife, add them to the chocolate syrup and mix. Also combine 2 deciliters of pure alcohol and turns. Leave to cool, strain to remove the vanilla pod and pour into one bottle from liquor sterilized.

4) Greedy and relatively low in alcohol, the Chocolate liquor it can be brought to the table or given and enjoyed as a gift from the second day of preparation.

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Dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnut ice cream cake



Frozen chocolate semifreddo



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The preparation of a good chocolate frapp is really very, very simple and above all fast. You will need a mixer or an electric blender that will allow you to obtain the right consistency for this type of preparation.

This is a fundamental precaution because part of the success of this preparation is precisely its consistency, so pay particular attention to this aspect.

Then take your mixer and add all the ingredients and blend for about a couple of minutes. To be able to obtain the right consistency, the secret is that of gradually increase the speed of the mixer. So you will have to start from the lowest speed up to the maximum speed.

In this way your chocolate frapp & egrave will be truly flawless. When you have achieved this, you can stop processing. In the meantime, whip the snow firmly cream and you can proceed to prepare your glasses of chocolate frapp & egrave.

Pour the chocolate frapp & egrave, sprinkle with whipped cream, which to make everything even more aesthetically beautiful you can add using a sac-& agrave-poche with a starry tip, and then sprinkle everything with a handful of chocolate flakes.

Your chocolate frapp is ready to be served to your guests.

Milkshake recipe

5 minutes 0 minutes 5 minutes
Quantity for 2 servings for each taste

Banana or fruit milkshake (2 servings)

  • 250 grams of bananas or fruit of your choice cold from the fridge (net of waste)
  • 100 gr of cold milk from the fridge
  • 40 grams of ice (optional)

Chocolate milkshake (2 servings)

  • 300 ml of milk
  • 2 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 & # 8211 3 level teaspoons of sugar
  • 40 gr of finely chopped dark chocolate
  • 40 grams of ice

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Fantastic recipe. I for the

Fantastic recipe. For my children I have decreased the amount of chocolate to 200 grams and increased the total amount of milk to 400. Top breakfast when it's hot! Thanks so much for the recipe

I'll try it. and I will do you

I'll try it. and I'll let you know.





It inspires me a lot !! Only that

It inspires me a lot !!

I just think there's too much chocolate, I don't know. listen, but the doses for a nice glass (and maybe an encore) for one person? Middle?

Thank you!!

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The strawberries they are a perfect fruit for this type of drink / dessert. Typical summer fruit to be enjoyed in all its sweetness, the strawberry will make the milkshake an indispensable pleasure.

Wash and clean 250 g of strawberries and cut them into pieces, removing the leaves on top of the fruit, then pour 50 g of ice cubes into a blender, the strawberries and 180 ml of whole milk. Finally add a spoonful of sugar and operate the food processor until you get it a creamy and smooth mixture.

Serve cold, decorating the cup with a mint leaf.

How to prepare the chocolate milkshake

Mix the chocolate ice cream (1), so as to make it softer and creamier. Put it in the blender (2), add the chopped ice cubes and the milk and blend for a few seconds, until all the ingredients are mixed well. Your chocolate milkshake is ready to serve with crumbled chocolate chip cookies or with chocolate flakes and a straw (3).

Summer recipes: chocolate milkshake

By Serena Vasta | Friday 29th May 2009

L & rsquosummer It has arrived and I would say that the time has come to start preparing summer recipes Such as cocktail And frapp & egrave, today we deal with a classic among the classics, the chocolate frapp & egrave, a simple and quick recipe that is good for children but obviously also for adults!

The chocolate frapp & egrave can be enriched with many delicacies, small pieces of chocolate, cocoa, white chocolate, I will explain the basic recipe, for the rest let yourself be guided by your tastes, by your feelings of guilt, costume test and imagination!

Ingredients for the chocolate frapp & egrave (doses for 1 person)

  • 50 ml of fresh milk
  • 1/2 glass of crushed ice
  • 1 teaspoon of soluble decaffeinated coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons of brown sugar
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract
  • whipped cream spray


Put a frapp glass in the fridge at least half an hour before use. Take the blender and pour in the milk and the ice, blend for a minute.

Add the coffee, the cocoa bitter, it sugar and the drops of vanilla, blend for another 2 minutes at high speed or in any case until you see it homogeneous and well whipped.

Take the glass from the fridge, pour the frapp & egrave and decorate with the whipped Cream and with a sprinkle of cocoa, if you want, add the chocolate curls! Serve immediately.

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