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Ryan Supports Food Trucks; Biden Schmoozes with Bikers

Ryan Supports Food Trucks; Biden Schmoozes with Bikers

The latest food-related news from the campaign trail

In preparation for his visit to Portland, Ore., today, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan announced that the food carts located near The Governor Hotel (where the fundraiser is happening) will not need to close.

The statement was made because of Mitt Romney's earlier visit to the hotel for a fundraiser in June, when the nearby carts were shut down for security reasons. An aide for Romney, Alison Hawkins, told Oregon Live, "We don't want to be doing anything but helping the businesses." She also explained that during the last visit, they didn’t find out about the cart closures until it was too late.

While campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. Biden mingled with members of a biker gang called "The Shaddowmen" in the '50s-style diner and turned down an order of fried pickles. Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland tagged along with Biden during the excursion.

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