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Pie with meat and mushrooms

Pie with meat and mushrooms

If we have frozen puff pastry, we leave it in the fridge for a few hours to thaw.

Cut the bell pepper into cubes and put it in a pan with a little oil (I used a ceramic pan for which I didn't need oil). Cut the chicken breast into small pieces and put it over the peppers, let it cook for a few minutes. , then add the mushrooms and leave for a few more minutes, then add the soup juice, salt, pepper and spices and leave on the fire until the meat softens, filling with water if necessary and reduce too much and the meat is not ready. cool.

From the two eggs, keep a yolk, and beat the rest of the eggs with salt and pepper, add sour cream, parmesan and 50g grated cheese.

We prepare a heat-resistant tray that we line with baking paper, in which we spread the dough (the tray should be smaller than the dough, there should be some edges that we can turn). We put the meat filling over the dough, over which we pour beaten eggs (before or after wrapping the dough) Turn the edges of the dough over the filling (I didn't turn them nicely enough) and grease the edges with the remaining yolk and put in the preheated oven, at the right heat, until the dough is nicely browned (about an hour). lasted for me because I put in a ceramic tray in which it cooks slower in the oven). Serve hot or cold (in our country it didn't even cool down a bit)))