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Cupcakes with dulce de leche

Cupcakes with dulce de leche

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Yesterday afternoon I didn't have much to do and out of boredom I quickly made some muffins, which I "bitten" with a cream of dulce de leche. My husband said they are so good at licking all your fingers. : D

  • For muffins:
  • -3 eggs
  • -100 g soft butter
  • -100 g of powdered sugar
  • -60 ml milk
  • -200 g flour
  • -1 sachet of baking powder
  • -1 tablespoon cocoa
  • Cream:
  • -200 ml whipped cream
  • -1 box of sweet milk
  • Syrup:
  • -2 tablespoons sugar
  • -100 ml of water

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cupcakes with dulce de leche:

I think it's the easiest way to make muffins. Ever since I discovered (Gaby_d is the source of inspiration for the basic recipe of these muffins) I always use it. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. What could be simpler than that?

Distribute the resulting composition evenly in 12 baskets and bake for about 25 minutes. I woke up that I no longer had paper baskets, although I knew I still had ... and the ones I had were big but it doesn't matter anymore.

For the cream, we put in a bowl the whipped cream and milk cream and we mix them together until a fairly firm cream results, very fine, very good but a little sweet for my taste.

For syrup, lightly caramelize the sugar, pour water over the caramel and let it boil until the sugar on the bowl melts.

We syrup each muffin, then after cooling we sprinkle them with cream.

The idea is simple and everything is very clear: mix the 6 ingredients and put them in the freezer.

I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with this ice cream. Than maybe if you try to pose it when it's over 35 degrees outside.

I'm not very romantic by nature, but I really liked a love movie, I say, which I've seen and reviewed countless times. Well, and those aunts made an ice cream in the movie, which I think I'll really like too.

So the first try, after I get this ice cream machine, will be ice cream with honey and lavender… MMMmmmmm

Sweet ice cream / milk jam

  • 250 ml. fat milk (1 cup)
  • 240 ml. liquid cream (1 cup)
  • 240 ml. cream for cooking 15% (1 cup)
  • 700 gr. homemade dulce de leche (2 cups) & # 8211 recipe here
  • 1 teaspoon homemade vanilla extract
  • 1 vanilla pod


Boil the milk, cream and sour cream over medium heat. When it starts to steam, remove from the heat and add leche dulce (only 600 gr).

Stir until smooth and dulce de leche is dissolved.

Add the vanilla and everything you scraped from the vanilla pod.

The cold cream obtained is put in a suitable container and in the freezer with it. Once every 45 minutes. take it out and mix in it with the fork.

To obtain a marbled ice cream on the third mixture, pour over the 100 gr. of sweet and mix into octopuses.

In 4-5 hours you will get something dreamy. Häagen-Dazs can hide.

And if you add some roasted pecans prelude is ready.

Luv U All, Wherever You Are.

Sweet Milk Ice Cream

Dulce de leche ice cream is the best of the best!

The idea of ​​this ice cream is very simple: mix all 6 ingredients and place them in the freezer.

Ok, assuming you have a couple of jars of homemade sweet milk (recipe here), get a vanilla pod. When it comes to icecream there & # 8217s no such thing as too much vanilla.

Nothing can go wrong with this ice cream. Except maybe if you try to take photos outside when its really hot.

Sweet ice cream
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups homemade dulce de leche (700 gr.) Divided & # 8211 recipe here
  • 1 teaspoon homemade vanilla extract
  • 1 vanilla pod

Heat milk, cream and heavy cream in a pot over medium-high heat just until steaming.

Remove from heat and whisk in 1 2/3 cup dulce de leche (600 gr) until completely smooth.

Whisk in the vanilla and the scrapings of a vanilla bean.

Transfer the mixture in a suitable container and place it in the freezer. Freeze 4-5 hours until firm, stirring with a fork every 45 minutes.

After 2 hours remove ice cream from freezer. Swirl in the leftover dulce de leche with a table knife. Do not over stir to maintain the marbled effect.

In 4-5 hours you get a dream. Häagen-Dazs can hide. And if you add some toasted pecans foreplay is ready.

10 Simple and irresistible churros recipes

Brigadeiro is a sweet that has already gained international fame and is present in 10 out of 10 games. Churros is one of these mouth-watering snacks: toasty, yummy and irresistible. What happens if we mix these two delicacies?

Yes, brigadeiro de churros not only exists, but is already one of the lovers of a good dessert. The variation of traditional Brazilian sweets delights the taste and ease of preparation.

With only 5 ingredients, condensed milk and sweet milk between them, it is possible to make a very tasty version of brigadeiro. And you can use your creativity to overcome, of course!

Check out this selection of 10 churros brigadeiros recipes! You will find everything from the simplest to the most elaborate - ideal for special occasions. Read them all right now. Then you just have to be happy!

1. Light churros brigade

With only five ingredients, you can prepare this miracle: condensed milk, butter, dulce de leche, refined sugar and cinnamon powder. The preparation is very fast and check the complete recipe by clicking here.

2. Brigadeiro de churros filled with dulce de leche

Taste in double dose: the sweet leche filling is a special touch of this dessert. Ingredients include white chocolate and sour cream, which are the differential. Step by step, check out this video.

3. Brigade of delicious churros

Adding two ingredients to your traditional brigade base you prepare this delicious version with churros flavor. Remember to snatch your hands with butter to make it easy to create balls! See the full recipe.

4. Simple churros brigade

In a pan, combine condensed milk, butter and cinnamon powder. Shake until you have the brigadeiro point. After it has cooled, wrap it and garnish with dulce de leche. Simpler, impossible! Step by step and the list of ingredients in this video.

5. Microwave Brigade Brigade

Have you ever tried brigadeiro in the microwave? Mix the ingredients and simmer for just 5 minutes! Here's the tip: use a large bowl to prevent it from draining and getting dirty. See more in the recipe by clicking here.

6. Fast brigade baked churros

Plus we like one of those easy recipes: with a few ingredients and very easy to prepare! The final touch is due to dulce de leche, which is applied with a bag of confectionery. See step by step.

7. Brigadoiro de churros with white chocolate

White chocolate brings even more sweetness to this recipe. Mix in the pan with condensed milk and unsalted butter. Add cream. Cook over low heat until it comes out of the bottom. See recipe details.

8. Brigadier of churros with vanilla

A tablespoon of vanilla extract is a special touch of this brigadeiro churros, prepared in the microwave. Dip the balls in the cinnamon sugar and finish with dulce de leche! Click here and see the full step by step.

9. The churro brigadier with real churroi

The secret of this recipe is to decorate your brigade with real churre! After all, an elegant presentation makes a difference! Another special touch is that a tablespoon of wheat flour is added to the basic pasta. Learn how to prepare this delicious!

10. Brigadier of churros with a piece of sweet milk

Tip to note in the notebook: if you are afraid that your recipe is too sweet, add two tablespoons of sour cream to give a break in taste. Chef's Touch: Use coffee milk or candy to decorate. See the details of the preparation of this version.

Which of these recipes is your favorite? Hard to choose one. Comment on what you think and remember to share it with friends who love a sweet!

Contest for readers!

At the end of the recipe, a nice GIVEAWAY is waiting for you!

From the quantities below it results approx. 1.3 L of homemade caramel ice cream with milk jam and soft caramels.

  • 400 ml sweet cream cora for cream with min. 30% fat (well cooled in the fridge)
  • 300 g cora Patrimoine Gourmand milk jam
  • 200 g milk caramels cora Patrimoine Gourmand
  • 100 g biscuits of Normandy cora Patrimoine Gourmand
  • 1 teaspoon natural vanilla cora extract
  • 1 pinch of salt (optional but recommended)
  • waffle decor duo glacier cora
  • Optional: 2-3 tablespoons of salted caramel sauce prepared from 100 g sugar, 50 g butter and 100 ml sweet cream for cream + salt

Spring cakes and cupcakes

Say hello to spring with these adorable dessert recipes. We have chosen our cutest cake and cupcake recipes to try, including cake recipes with creams, flowers, sprinkles and more. Look for the sweetest collection yet.

Gives the regular vanilla cake a millennial pink makeover, lined with vanilla-buttercream ruffles. To achieve this wonderful look, be sure to use a bag with a petal tip.

This rich chocolate cake is the perfect welcome for spring! Freeze this gorgeous cake with fresh strawberry berries made with egg whites, butter and bright spring strawberries.

These beautiful flower cupcakes are ready to party in less than an hour. For an added note of fun, make marzipan bees for a cute cupcake topping.

This amazing cake recipe turns one of our favorite spring drinks into a delicious dessert full of lemon. Emperor with ice cream with lemonade butter, this beautiful cake is full of spring flavor.

Don't be surprised when friends bend over to sweeten these spring blooms - and comment on the heavenly vanilla watches and the flavor of the cake! These extraordinarily realistic hyacinth cake pops by SweetAmbs blogger Amber Spiegel could fool anyone.

Looking for an awesome holiday cake recipe? You found it! Stacked with layers of dense crust and lemon cake and rich, zingy cream, this indulgent three-tier cake could be a final spring dessert.

You will love this cheerful choice! Made with real orange juice, then finished with fluffy cream, these cupcakes are as cute as a freezer pop on a stick.

Celebrate spring and the joyful cravings by chirping without taking a step out with these bird's nest cupcakes. They are bright, fun and full of lemon goodness.

Create your own sodium twist on the classic Neapolitan treatment. Our playful cupcakes feature all layers: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake, topped with a tablespoon of ice cream. Don't be afraid to walk heavily.

Play your dress with a simple Jane-cake, adding rosettes to the cascade of delicious white chocolate ice cream. To pile up these precious trinkets, all you need is a little food coloring and a bag with a big star tip.

With a cup of lemonade concentrate, our super sweet cake is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade. Garnish with lemon slices covered with sugar for a spring pop.

Inspire a few “ooh la las” with this amazing striped cake, with soft vanilla butter ice cream, fruity ultramoist cake and, of course, lots of splashes! Click to find out our super simple decorating tips!

This cake knows what spring is all about: flowers. To create this flowery look, first cover your cake in our creamy almond butter cream, then use candy clay to shape their petals and centers.

A bite of this cold cake will take you back to the fun aromas of childhood push-up pops. Our layered cake has rows of lime, raspberry and frozen orange sherbet between the soft vanilla cake. (And we rip ourselves into a few candy toppers, too!)

Dried lavender scents the batter and garnishes these pretty-purple cupcakes. Hidden between the two is a sweet-as-honey ice cream (literally - it's made with mascarpone cheese, butter, honey and high-sugar sugar).

May flowers are not the only things that April showers bring! You will need white frosting, food coloring and sugar for the coarse decoration to create this lightly appealing rainbow that stretches on a base of pre-prepared cupcakes. Don't forget the tiny marshmallow clouds!

We can't think of a better use for fresh spring fruits than piling them on top of a dark wet chocolate cake, covered in a lightly two-ingredient ganache. Can you

All you need to make these party life goodies are 12 cupcakes, some canned ice cream, food coloring and a bottle of funny confetti sprinkled.

Zucchini in season makes all the difference when it comes to our scrumptious, chocolate-laden cupcakes. Zucchini offers a moist texture, while smooth glaze with peanut butter deliciously complements this surprisingly healthy treatment.

Whether you're celebrating a spring shower for spring, a baby's birthday or a sure love for farm animals, these adorable decorated cupcakes complete the bill. Grab some polenta, chopped coconut and Tootsie Rolls and read on!

Fresh, fun and blooming with sugar-covered swamp flowers, this cake wrote spring everywhere. It is surprisingly easy to decorate, and its honey-infused frosts and orange-zesty interior make it a particularly delicious delicacy.

These adorable cupcakes are love at first sight. Serve your guests these fruity cakes with rich ice cream, infused with almonds and they will beg for quite a lot please (with a cherry on top!) For a few seconds.

Bake a batch of mini carrot cakes using chopped carrots, apples and a pinch of cinnamon. With the help of flaxseed and whole wheat flour, you can take care of less than 200 calories in a cupcake.

These delicious cupcakes are flavored with poppy seeds and lemon extract, then covered in a lemon glaze with mouthwash. For a nice garnish, melt these cupcakes with a twist of lemon peel.

Lay yourself along a beautiful plate of lemon cupcakes at your next potluck for a refreshing treat to get spring. Friends and family will love the fresh lemon peel jam and soft vanilla.

Sweet milk

When I saw this recipe in one of Jamie Oliver's books, three or four years ago, I said to myself exactly like the first Transylvanian to see a giraffe: no, such a thing cannot exist! It seemed unlikely that you could make one like this (which you will see below) without redecorating the kitchen with the remains of exploded cans. Stirred by curiosity for years, I hopped with joy like a child in front of the shelf with condensed milk from a Spanish hypermarket. Sure, the recipe can be completed with normal milk but it takes a long time and why stay under the pot for two and a half hours when you can leave the pot alone, to do your job?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), in Romania you will have to make the recipe (if you feel like it) in the classic way, mixing in a pot with milk and a lot of sugar (1 large cup of sugar per liter of milk) until Get sweet milk, the traditional sweet of the Spaniards, Argentines, Uruguayans and Chileans. This is because condensed milk is not sold to us in metal boxes but only in plastic cans dosed for coffee. In Spain we found condensed milk in cans of 200, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters.

I took two 1 liter cans and got to work.

I took the paper off the milk cans, put them in a pot of cold water, covered them with a kitchen towel that should have protected them from sudden and rapid heating (which it did). and I put the pot on the fire (small, small).

If you keep the fire low and don't hurry, the boxes don't disintegrate (you know that there is a recommendation not to put cans on the fire), the kitchen escapes and you get this:

Dulce de leche is a thick, viscous cream with a caramel taste and appearance

It is used in cakes, it can be combined with fruit or it can be eaten as it is.

Do you remember the taste of the milk candies that were found in the communist grocery stores? That's the taste.


What appetizing images. What goodies!
You are a great cook!
But it's like his name is Jamie Oliver, not Olifer.
You make us crave the images on the blog.
The food you cook is very good and has a special look.
Those who take the weight loss diet cannot refuse what you cook for them.
Donkey! hehe
Nice weekend!

This reminds me of when I wanted to make a sophisticated cake that requires condensed milk. That misfortune of making & # 8222milk & # 8221 lasted longer than cake and cream. At least that's how I found out that, out of the dozens of recipes found on the net, after all, with 2 and a half hours of preparation, it's the best :))
And on-topic: the cream looks tasty :)

I shouldn't go to your blog anymore. I already have heartburn and I'm thinking about food.
recipes and presentation, exceptional.

The first time I saw this dessert was made many years ago, in Paris, with a French friend. She was a student, she didn't have much money, and dulce de leche was the cheapest candy she could afford. But not in 1 kg boxes, but small, 250 grams. I ate then, it was very good, but, as you say, there is no condensed milk in the box, so I was left with that unique experience :(

I really like sweets and especially caramel cream! (And not only me as I notice)
I will definitely try to do wizards in this regard at the end of this week! Thank you very much, only intense recipes give us & # 8230

This is very sweet. Some time ago on another culinary blog someone wrote that he found condensed milk in a box at Kaufland since then I've been looking for it but I've never found it.

ladies and gentlemen, I propose to lobby for the introduction of condensed milk in the box and in the Romanian trade. or to somehow activate the Bessarabian channels, in the Republic of Moldova they have on the shelf :-)

Thanks for sweet weekend.

oana, good yes :-).
anonymous, rectifying, it would have been speeding. donkey! :-)))

Well, I found you.
You came back strong after your vacation in Spain.
I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the sweets category is missing something & # 8230tiramisu.
I know you posted the recipe last year and I don't know why I can't find it.
I would be grateful if you could find her

could you please tell me about how long the boxes should be kept on fire? [I intend to take smaller 250 ml cans]. thank you very much!

if you are careful and you are interested in what the people in the & # 8230blogosphere are writing, at this time you had a few boxes so you don't have to run away to buy from spain. but you are a cook, aren't you?

in kauflands it's condensed milk in a tube, made by the store's own brand.

in Bucharest, however, condensed milk is found in almost all Arab stores. do we solve a distribution network to the rest of the country? :-D

yes & # 8217 you are closer to hungary, there you can find safe in any lidl :)

zumzetta, I'll search, I lost some information after frequent, sudden and repeated transfers from one server to another
tiribonflax, we could go into business :-). if I was staying in Oradea, it was worth moving to the first lidl, the effort from Cluj is not very justified, not even for this sweet one.
tudorel, what's really your problem?

dorli, no matter how big the boxes, the time of exposure to heat for the milk with sugar to become caramel is the same, two and a half hours, up to three hours (it's hard to keep the temperature constant on one side and maybe you like a caramel more or less viscous)

zumzetta, we found, if you try to find tiramisu with the search option on the first page, you will find the posts that contain this word, including the one with the recipe and the pictures. it is not in the category assigned to sweets because I did not have time to deal with it (it is made manually and there are many hundreds of recipes).

I don't eat sweets, I don't abstain, I don't suffer, I just don't attract myself. Will it be okay? & # 8230 Will it be bad? & # 8230 That doesn't mean they aren't soooo good for those who enjoy them.
Have a good week everyone!

mataphor, I don't think it's bad :-)

Yes, I had the opportunity to taste condensed milk and I can confirm that it is delicious. At the first opportunity when I arrive through Debrecen I will search through Cora. Only to find out the name in Hungarian.

@ lilisor & # 8211 cukrozott sűrített tej, asa ii zice.

must be cukrozott (meaning sweetened), otherwise it's like liquid for coffee :)

for easy visual identification, this is what the nestle box looks like, which can also be found at Arab stores

no, do you see how good it is to have Hungarian cousins?

No, we found it in Sibiu, in 0.5 l metal boxes. At the supermarket, not at the hyper. I just don't know if it's good: it says it's condensed milk without sugar. Need with, or without sugar?

P.S. If you want, I'll send it to you by mail.

nonick, it must be with sugar. otherwise, you can make it with normal milk in which you put sugar. the bad part is that you have to sit next to him for two hours :-)

Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. How good it looks & # 8230. I'm going to Spain in December: D miam miam! (I don't risk my recently renovated kitchen .. I'm waiting to leave: P)

Siginutz, if you put two holes in the lid of the box (with a nail), you don't risk anything. That's right, you're losing a few grams sweet but this is not a tragedy :-)

So I did. Only I was inspired by and I made it in the microwave. Whether it's a barbarity or not, the idea is that it came out. And the condensed / evaporated milk from Plus (2 boxes of 340 g from APLA) I sweetened it with 300 g of sugar. I made it harder, when it cooled I could cut it with a knife and make it into caramels. Buuun hard. It lasted about an hour and something to spin in the oven, with stirring (taking care that it swells when you shake it) every 5 minutes.

This sweet is called in Peru: Manjar Blanco: D

Arman, thank you for sharing the information with us :-)

When we meet, I'll tell you how it's made at home: from goat's milk and muscat sugar :)

Can you tell me how long you kept the milk on the fire?

It's not my idea, I found it on a blog, but I share it. Condensed milk from this can be found at Carrefour Baneasa, or order directly from them on the website. And to make the leche come out faster, boil them in a pressure cooker, covered with water and without labels, for about 2-3 hours. And there are no more risks! They can be kept like this until you decide to use them.

now I'm longing for dulce de leche because I knew you had a recipe for something good. I recently received a package with something like this, but from Moldova, not from Spain and I remembered how good this cream was in Spain. only I don't know what to do after it's over. is there, after all, milk cream in our country as well? I don't have the patience to cook, let me do it, as you describe: P

I don't think you'll find the caramel ready. I haven't seen it (maybe through delicatessens).

milk cream, adi, I'm looking for her

I already ordered from the delatte. :) I hope it's as good as the one in Spain: D

it's good but you have to prepare it, in the box there is only milk cream with sugar, not caramel :).

condensed milk has recently at Auchan in Bucharest

a question or rather a dilemma I & # 8230. I hope you can help me.

How is this product stored? I prepared it according to the classic recipe, with natural milk, and kept at a temperature of 6-7 degrees the product becomes fluid, it loses its consistency. At a temperature of 2-3 degrees (in the refrigerator) everything is OK. Should a gelling agent be added or maybe pectin? Is liquid pectin commercially available? I kept searching through the Romanian online environment but I did not find & # 8230.

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When I saw this recipe in one of Jamie Oliver’s book, three or four years ago, I told myself just what the first man from Ardeal told himself when he saw a giraffe: this can’t be! I thought that doing this (you’ll see below) without redecorating the kitchen with remnants of exploded cans was highly unlikely. Since I’ve been burning with curiosity for years, I started jumping for joy as a kid in front of the shelf with condensed milk, in a Spanish supermarket. Of course, this recipe can be made with normal milk, but it takes very long and… why would you spend two and a half hours watching a pot when you can leave the pot to do its job while you do yours?
Unfortunately (or fortunately), in Romania you will be forced to make the classic recipe (if you have a craving), by stirring in a pot with milk and a lot of sugar (1 big cup of sugar for a liter of milk) until you obtain dulce de leche, the traditional Spanish, Argentinian, Uruguayan and Chilean dessert. This is because our supermarkets don’t sell condensed milk in metal cans, just in small plastic boxes designed for coffee. In Spain, I found condensed milk in cans of 200, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters.
I got two 1 liters cans and I got to work.

I removed the paper from the condensed milk cans which I put in a pot of cold water, I covered them with a kitchen towel that should have protected them against sudden and fast heat spikes (which it did) and then I placed the pot on the stove on low (very low) heat.

If you keep the heat low and you don’t rush things, the cans won’t disintegrate (you know about the recommendation not to put cans on fire), the kitchen gets away with it and you obtain this:

Dulce de leche is a sticky, thick cream that resembles caramel in both taste and appearance.

It’s used for cakes, it can be combined with fruit or it can be served by itself.

Remember the taste of milk candy you could buy from those communist grocery stores? That’s the taste.

We can almost imagine little spiders crawling out of these bed eggs. (They look a bit like eyeballs — eek! delicious snack.

To bring this a shocking life-like snack to your Halloween spread, start with two sheets of ice cream pastry “guts,” then fill them with one of these filling options:

  • All-American Sloppy Joes
  • Dip Wing Hot
  • Chopped chicken
  • Dip Grinder italian

Try the "organs" back and forth on a baking sheet, grease with the egg wash and bake to perfection.

Butter cream with dulce de leche for cakes and pies

Butter cream with dulce de leche for cakes and pies is one of the best cake creams I have ever tried! Very easy to prepare and with only 3 ingredients. This cream has a demented flavor!

I tried this butter cream for this cake, if you want to use it for garnish, I recommend you make a double portion.
If you want a special flavor for your cakes, try it butter cream with dulce de leche.
See here other recipes with butter creams for cakes and pies.

Disturbingly Delicious The Wonderful Taste of Life

Some time ago I told you how excited I was about my new toys: the biscuit stamps, Petits sablés maison and Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's book, How to make bread, an extraordinary book that, I think, should not be missing from the library to any foodie, especially those who discover the extraordinary world of homemade mayonnaise bread.

I walked awkwardly in this world but I was fascinated from the beginning and after I cultivated my creature and learned to know it, to listen to it, to understand it, with each one. the bread I make becomes more confident and bolder: I try new combinations and I don't fit into my skin of joy when I see and especially when I taste the results.

But today we are not talking about bread and my & # 8220creature & # 8221 and going back to the book I was talking about above, when I received it, I browsed through it with great interest and I was very surprised to discover a series of fantastic recipes & # 8211 I would have tried them all. And I'm not just talking about mayonnaise bread recipes. The book is structured in four parts containing classic yeast recipes, gluten-free bread recipes, mayonnaise recipes and pastries. Hadjiandreou's method is a little simpler than Hamelman's and I think it is very useful for those who are just starting out in baking.

Inspired by Hadjiandreou's & # 8220Brioche & # 8221 recipe, I decided to satisfy my cravings, and at the same time being in love with leche dulce, I thought of combining it with caramel-flavored cream and here's what came out:

Dulce de Leche Pull - Apart Brioche

A French classic with a twist)

  • Total Time: 04h 10min
  • Prep Time: 03h 20min
  • Cook time: 50 minutes
  • Rating: 5 stars - based on 2 review (s)


    - 250g - 60ml - 2 - 100g - 85g - 3lg - 2lg - 3 / 4lgt - grated - 20g (or 10g dry yeast) - 200ml - 1 (beaten for greasing) - 2lg
  • Dulce de Leche - 1 box (375ml)


Dulce de Leche

If you do not have sweet leche at hand, you can make it at home and for this, if you opt for the condensed milk version, you need 1 box of condensed milk and a little patience.

Există multe variante de făcut lapte condensat acasă dar eu, după mai multe încercări, am decis că cea care mi se potrivește este metoda lui David Lebovitz, cu lapte condensat, la cuptor :

  • Se toarnă conținutul unei cutii de lapte condensat într-un vas termorezistent de sticlă (ca să se poate vedea culoarea preparatului)
  • Se pune vasul cu lapte condensat într-un vas mai mare în care se toarnă apă caldă (fierbinte) cât să acopere jumătate din nivelul vasului cu laptele condensat.
  • Se acoperă vasul cu lapte cu folie de aluminiu și se lasă la cuptor la 200° cca 1h sau 1 1/4h ore verificând din când în când dacă mai trebuie adăugată apă în vasul mai mare.
  • Când capătă culoarea caramelului este gata. ( nu se lasă prea mult pentru că devine prea gros).
  • Se scoate vasul din cuptor și se lasă să se răcească. Când s-a răcit se mixează bine cu un mixer până devine cremos. Se ține la rece câteva zile

  1. Se pun stafidele în amaretto (rom sau cognac) și se lasă la hidratat
  2. Într-un bol se amestecă făina, sarea, zahărul și coaja de lămâie
  3. Într-un vas mai mare, se pune drojdia, se adaugă laptele și se amestecă până când drojdia se dizolvă.
  4. Se bat ouăle și se toarnă peste amestecul cu drojdie
  5. Se adaugă ingredientele uscate la compoziția cu ouă și se amestecă până când aluatul se leagă - la început va fi destul de lipicios.
  6. Se acoperă vasul cu aluat cu bolul în care au fost ingredientele uscate și se lasă 10' să se odihnească
  7. După 10', lăsând aluatul în vas se frământă, trăgând o parte de aluat de dedesubt și apăsând-o în mijloc. Se repetă această mișcare de 8 ori rotind vasul cu fiecare mișcare. (ar trebui sa dureze cca 10'' - timp în care aluatul începe să se lege mai bine ).
  8. Se acoperă vasul și se lasă încă 10'.
  9. Se frământă din nou și se adaugă stafidele.
  10. Se repetă pașii 7 și 8.
  11. Se iau bucăți mici de unt și se apasă în aluat se frământă până untul este încorporat în aluat. Se acoperă și se lasă să crească 10'.
  12. Se frământă aluatul pentru ultima dată asigurându-se că untul a fost încorporat omogen se acoperă, se lasă la rece 1h.
  13. Se răstoarnă aluatul pe planul de lucru uns cu ulei, se întinde în forma dreptunghiulară cu o grosime de 2cm și se unge întreaga suprafață cu dulce de leche. Se taie aluatul pe lungime în șase părți egale care se suprapun (se vor obține straturi: unul de aluat unul de dulce de leche). Se taie dreptunghiul obținut în alte șase părți egale iar pachețelele se așează cu partea cu dulce de leche la suprafață într-o tavă de cozonac unsă cu unt.
  14. Se lasă sa crească în tavă 1h.
  15. Cu 20' înainte de a introduce tava în cuptor, se încinge cuptorul la 180°
  16. Se unge cu oul bătut și se presoară fulgii de migdale deasupra
  17. Se coace în cuptorul încins cca 45- 50'.

Se pudrează cu zahăr pudră. Este nemaipomenit dimineața la cafea - un cozonacel pufos și parfumat, un răsfăț dulce cu arome de caramel.

Cred că ar putea fi făcut și cu un caramel puțind mai dens. O rețetă de caramel găsiți și la [email protected]ăjiturici și alte dulciuri, un blog cu multe rețete savuroase pe care vi-l recomand cu mare drag.


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